Taking Oxjam Online

Taking Oxjam Online


Embracing new technologies Oxjam continues its mission to provide entertainment and a sense of community for everyone, all while raising money for those who need help the most. Together our fundraising for Oxfam helps ensure work continues around the world to provide life saving assistance in times of need and beyond.

Oxfam has been offering support in Lebanon since 1993. Following the Beirut explosion in August which left 300,000 people homeless, 220 dead and 6,000 injured, their work is needed now more than ever. The global Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. Oxfam is working in 62 countries and with 344 local civil society organizations helping to stop the spread.

Raising money to fight poverty and increasing awareness of Oxfam’s work aren’t the only things that Oxjam is about. We provide a platform for grassroots talent in music and backstage, working with many unique local venues, community groups and education institutions. We bring a positive impact to Sowerby Bridge, whilst providing a platform that showcases local talent to the world.

Our Goals

1. Create a professional quality live stream event hosted through Facebook.
2. Produce HD recorded quality content for Oxjam and our artists.
3. Promote Oxjam, local talent and raise awareness of Oxfam’s work to beat poverty.
4. Adhere to current Guidelines with regards to Covid-19 restrictions.
5. Raise money and awareness for Oxfam and their ongoing work.


Live Stream

We are producing a professional quality live stream. This will consist of socially distanced live performances from artists, as well as fundraising video content that has been pre-recorded. All content will be hosted through the Oxjam Sowerby Bridge Festival Facebook page so it can be publicly shared to reach as many people as possible.
We are currently taking submissions for artists wishing to volunteer to perform on the live stream. The proposed date and time is 24th of October 2020 between 10 am and 9pm, pending government guidelines and restrictions.

Recorded Content

We are recording, editing and producing HD filmed performance videos as well as artist interviews and promotional content. The goal is for us to produce content that can be used for artists to promote themselves with and promotional material for Oxjam. We want these videos to represent the artists so are open to ideas with regard to content. The promotional would include; fundraising challenges, artists “plugging” Oxfam and informational videos on Oxjam. If you would like to record your own fundraising efforts and submit them we will consider them for use during the live stream. (Last date for submissions 16th October, all content must be family friendly and support Oxfam’s message.) Our main goal is to keep the production quality as high as possible, to showcase your talents as best we can. We’d love to hear from any artists wishing to volunteer time to be filmed and volunteers that are interested in filming, lighting and audio recording. We want to give you the opportunity to create high quality videos you can be proud of and use in the future to promote yourself. Recording will be taking place evenings and weekends from the 14th of September until the 16th October.


We will be running a marketing campaign in the lead up to the Live Stream, sharing our pre recorded content and generating interest. Through this we will be able to raise even more awareness of the work of Oxfam. Our main distribution platforms will start with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube however others may be used in the future. These are widely used platforms that are easily accessible, meaning we can reach as many people as possible with full viewing analytics. We are looking for volunteers interested in getting into digital campaigning to join us on the project.

Our Future

I. We aim to build an online channel that will provide engagement with Oxjam, as well as being a showcase that can easily be referred to for promoting local talent and venues.
II. We will continue to promote local music and create a network of content creators to support each other and our community.
III. Oxjam Online will provide online engagements to showcase the world class artists and behind the scenes volunteers who generously donate their time. We aim to help promote one of the industries that has been devastated by the pandemic, whilst also giving aid to those in need further afield.


As we’re not in a position to accept physical donations we have decided to utilise JustGiving for the current campaign.

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