OXJAM 2019

Total Raised: £2496.05

An enormous thankyou to everybody who took part in such an amazing campaign! Not only did we raise an amazing amount of money for Oxfam here’s some of the other achievements:

Increased the festival size to 1 kilometre end to end!

Developed a major platform for young artist promotion including radio play,  interviews, external bookings and new links with supporting festivals, venues and promoters. 

Visited by the Mayor Of Calderdale.

Brought over £20,000 direct income to Sowerby Bridge on festival day.

Brought new fundraising links to local charities throughout area worth a potential £5000.

Gave a platform for other community groups to gain exposure.

Brought a large amount of indirect income to the area. (Bus, Taxi, Restaurants, Takeaways).

Second year of working with Calderdale College to give Live Music experience to it’s music tech students.


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