Campaign Achievements 2019

An enormous thank you to everybody who took part in such an amazing campaign! 

Total Amount Raised

In 2019 we raised a total of £2496.05. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

Bigger, Much Bigger

We increased the size of the festival to run one kilometre from end to end. (The festival managers step count was over 40K so serves him right!)

Visited this year by the Mayor Of Calderdale Dot Foster.

Community Engagement

Continued development of engagement got the Oxjam Sowerby Bridge Festival brand out to 200K people over the course of 2019. Many positive engagements on social media as well as face to face event engagements.

Brought new fundraising links to local charities throughout the area worth a potential £5000. Collaboration strategies also developed new ways of getting volunteers for local charities. 

Developed further opportunities for the festival to become a platform for community groups to gain exposure and reach new demographics.

Engagement Events held throughout Calderdale with Sowerby Bridge, Hebden Bridge and Halifax used.

Live Music Support

Doubled down on becoming a major platform for young artist promotion including facilitating radio play,  interviews, external bookings and new links with supporting festivals, venues and promoters. 

Education Support

Continued work with Calderdale College to give Live Music experience to music tech students saw a much larger intake in 2019.

More production volunteers applied in 2019 to gain their initial experiences in events.

Local Boost

Much better impact monitoring practices we’re implemented to gain accurate insights. Over 2000 people attended on festival day.

There was a £20,000 sales uplift to Sowerby Bridge venues. The following weekend also saw return visits from new customers to many venues.

The festival brought a large amount of indirect income to the area although at the time we had no way to monitor. Public transport, restaurants and takeaways all reported massive increases. 

National Reach

Oxfam continued to use Oxjam Sowerby Bridge Festival in national campaigns throughout the year.